Here at Williams Amusements we dont just sell arcade machines. We LIVE arcade machines. From creating custom built, bespoke arcade machines that meet a range of personalised requirements, to repairing and fixing original machines, we are dedicated to arcade machines. But arcade machines aren’t just for games arcades, bars and restaurants. An arcade machine can be a fantastic addition to any family home. But what are the family advantages to arcade machines?

Family advantages to arcade machines

Arcade machines in the home

Some people may have reservations about arcade machines in the home. These include:

You might think that an arcade machine is not going to look good in your home. But, with fantastic design options, arcade cabinets and arcade tables can be created to look great with any colour or design scheme.
The size of an arcade machine can be a big problem for some homeowners. After all, its a fair amount of space for one game. However, our MAME systems allow users to play 1000’s of games on the one system. And, in comparison to a large bookcase, the cabinet isnt that large after all.

Family advantages to arcade machines

Families are spending less and less time together. From school and work commitments, to individual leisure pursuits, family time is shrinking. A great way to combat this is with an arcade machine in the home.

Choose a model with multiple game installations, and all the family can find something they enjoy. Take turns helping one another to beat the game and siblings will be co-operating more than ever.

An added advantage of an arcade machine for families is the fact that it will be placed in the family room. As a result, everyone will be gathered in the same room. Instead of heading up to their bedrooms to play the latest PlayStation game with their headset on.

Family arcade machine games

Some great family arcade machines include:

  • Frogger
  • Robotron
  • Gauntlet
  • Donky kong
  • Space invaders

For more information, or for help choosing a great family arcade machine, get in touch today with the experts here at Williams Amusements.