Here at Williams Amusements we are the arcade machine experts. From playing the games, to building and repairing old cabinets and systems, we pour our time and effort into arcade machines. One of the machines we are most excited about is the Robotron: 2084. This is a true classic from the Golden Age of arcade gaming. but what makes it so special? Well, check out our buyers guide to Robotron: 2084.

Buyers guide to Robotron

What is Robotron?

If you missed this one the first time around, you have missed out on a serious piece of arcade history! Robotron: 2084, also known as Robotron, was one of the most critically and commercially successful arcade machines. Here is an overview:

  • Robotron was released in 1982 by Williams Electronics in the USA
  • It received praise for its intense action and expert control
  • Robotron made the twin joystick control system incredibly popular.


Robotron used a multi-dimensional, two joystick control system to take arcade shooting games to the next level.

Robotron is a 2D shooting game that plays out in the year 2084. In this year, robots have taken over the world, and most of the human race has been destroyed. You are a nameless superhuman attempting to save the last remaining human family, armed only with your shooting skills.

The player must use the two joysticks to control both the character direction, and the weapon. With each joystick allowing eight different directions, this was more difficult than you might expect. Especially as you are being bombarded on all sides by enemy robots and their projectiles.

Each level consists of a single screen with large number of enemy robots and obstacles that you must overcome to save the family member at the top of the screen. The character cannot touch an enemy or a projectile without losing a life, and the game is over when all lives have been lost. However, you can gain lives by achieving certain scores and rescuing the humans.

Buyer’s guide to Robotron arcade game cabinets

If you are looking for a traditional 2D shooter game with a punch, Robotron:2084 is the game for you. Challenging and rewarding, Robotron is a fantastic arcade machine, and it has also become something of a collectors item.

Here at Williams Amusements, our Robotron machine comes with a brand new game board and a flat screen LCD monitor so that you can enjoy the crispness of the graphics, and dont have to worry about your machine falling apart.

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