Here at Williams Amusements, we are arcade machine experts. We build bespoke cabinets, and make machinery repairs, not to mention play the games themselves! As a result, we have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to arcade machines. In fact, we offer out a variety of different arcade machines for hire. But what about arcade machine hire for private functions? Well, we offer that too. And here are some top reasons to hire an arcade machine for a private function, be it a wedding, a birthday or any other celebration.

Why hire an arcade machine for a private function?

There are a plethora of reasons to hire an arcade machine for a private function including:

  • entertainment value for all your guests
  • retro value for both the young and old- finally a game you can beat your younger family members at!
  • talking point to break the ice and get people socializing


Whatever you opt for, be it Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, or Frogger, you are guaranteed to make a splash with an arcade machine. It doesn’t matter how old or young your guests are, an arcade machine can entertain any age range. In fact, why not choose a MAME system game, and have the option of playing hundreds of games on the one machine? That way you are guaranteed to deliver something for everyone.

Retro Value

While walking into your fathers 60th birthday bash with an Xbox One might score you some points with the younger generation, its novelty wont last long. Choose an arcade machine instead and give the younger family members something old (yet new) to play. It will also bring the generations together, after all, its not often you get to beat the kids at video games.

Talking point

Arcade machine hire for private functions can be a great way to get people talking and socializing with one another. Especially people who havent met before, or those that dont spend a lot of time together. We can assure you, before you know it they’ll be battling it out on StreetFighter, or sharing tips for getting that little green frog across the road safely.

For more information about arcade machine hire for private functions, or just general arcade machine hire, contact us at Williams Amusements today.