When it comes to arcade machines, we all have our favourites. But could you play your favourite arcade game day in day out? What if you could have more options, on the same machine? That is exactly what a custom built arcade machine can offer. Here at Williams Amusements, we build and repair arcade machines, and we offer a custom service. As a result, we have produced this guide to the benefits of a custom built arcade machine.

Our skills

Here at Williams Amusements we have a fully stocked workshop, with a vast range of spares and parts. We also have a lot of skills and experience when it comes to building and repairing arcade games. This means that we can offer you specifically built machines that meet your exact requirements. But why opt for a custom built machine?

The benefits of a custom built arcade machine

There are huge number of benefits of a custom built arcade machine including:

  • Your own choice of theme and exterior artwork, to fit with any home, workplace, or bar
  • Brand new exterior parts including the joystick and buttons
  • A huge choice of systems available including multi-game systems- which means you can get 100s of arcade games in just the one cabinet
  • Original game boards for authentic playing experiences
  • Authentic sound effects, sound tracks and music from the original system

Game and cabinet options

The range of game and cabinet options we can offer include:

Any of the Street Fighter franchise
Classics like Space Invaders and Pac Man
Any of the Mortal Kombat games
Marvel Machines
Childrens size cabinets

In summary

Custom built arcade machines are a fantastic way to enjoy retro gaming. With the brand new parts, you dont have to worry about repairs, but you can still enjoy the original and authentic gameplay and sounds. Pair this with your own choice of exterior artwork, and the option for multi-game systems, custom built is definitely the way to go.

For more information or to order your own bespoke arcade machine, contact us at Williams Amusements today.