Arcade Machine Repairs

Arcade Machine Repairs

We have a fully operational repair centre for all machine repairs and with our long history and expertise can fix any machine problem or at least find out what the problem is with our setup and test rigs. Even with our very hectic and busy schedule we will always try and schedule your machine, no matter the problem into our diary. Because of our heavy schedule your machine can sometimes sit in our repair centre for sometime, but if this is not an issue then we will gladly repair it.

Unfortunately because everything is setup in our repair centre we cannot do on-site repairs.

Sometimes the whole machine will not need to come to us and if the machine problem is known and it is just a part then that can be sent to us, for example a board fault and you can just send the PCB to us.

Get in touch with us to discover what our time schedule it like and a clearer insight into the current time frames.

Over The phone

Sometimes depending on what is wrong with your machine we might be able to directly fix the issue over the phone so give us a call on 01977 310466