Williams Amusements are proud to offer you The ultimate Custom Built Arcade Machines, proudly custom built in-house from the ground up to the highest quality, keeping all the features of old skool and retro design quality.

So with our custom built arcade machines even though unqiue and designed to individual requirements still aiming at replicating and keeping that authentic feel but with modern technology lending a hand in the inner working and the overall flexibility and power.

At Williams Amusements we have a full on-site workshop and the skills to custom build any Arcade Machine to your specific and exact requirements at a cost you can afford to bring Old School retro classics directly to your Home or venue.

Our Custom Built Arcade Machines are stacked with customisation including;

  • Large choice of systems available
  • Original Arcade game boards (Jamma etc)
  • Choice of Theme, graphics and artwork
  • Choice of system included in the price
  • Brand New Joystick, buttons etc
  • Digital Jukebox available with USB upload

Many Game choices, styles and types Including;

  • Marvel Machines
  • Street Fighter
  • Space Invaders
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Pac Man
  • New Kids Size Cabinets
  • Touch Screen Jukebox
  • Brand New Cabinets