Pinball Machines

At Williams Amusements we go that extra mile with our pinball machines. Some might say they have the largest selection of pinball in the UK. We actually do! It might be a vintage 1960s pinball or a new Stern pinball. Whatever pinball it is we will look after you all the way. Pinballs are special which mean they come with a high price tag. You need to know that if you get issues in the future you can call and get advice or if it needs to be repaired we can do this. You need to buy with confidence. Pinballs are like cars. Its good to know the history and how many miles its done! Apart from new in box pinballs we sell lots of one owner home use pinballs. We also specialise in limited edition pinballs where only 500 were ever made. Refurbing and repairing is also a key part of our business. We can not only fix your pinball but if it needs a refurb as it looks a bit worn we can do this. If it needs a service we can do this as well. With new pinballs coming out every year the market is vibrant and fast moving. Some pinballs are very rare, some are fantastic condition and some not so! We have a showroom with approx 60 pinballs up and ready to play. Please if you ever in Yorkshire and near Pontefract call in and see us. Have a play on the pins!

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When you think of arcade game machines, they don't get much more iconic than pinball. Immortalized in song, and even included on the Windows operating system from 95 to the release of Vista, pinball was a huge hit on both sides of the pond. And it remains a popular arcade game to this day. Here at Williams Amusements we have a variety of pinball machines, ranging from retro to modern.

Vintage pinball machines

Our vintage pinball machines are hugely popular. Dating back to the sixties, before the golden age, these pinball games are in great condition and are a fantastic testament to the pinball legacy. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to even find some of our more rare vintage pinball machines for sale anywhere else.

Classic pinball machines

If it's classic pinball from the eighties your after, look no further. With more features than ever before, and LED's and sounds to rival even the most popular video games of the time, classic pinball is always a winner. It's our classic pinball machines that hold the nostalgia for many of our customers.

Modern pinball machines

The eighties was a challenging time for pinball, with the big players in video games taking away a lot of pinball business. But the nineties revival was huge. Pinball machines from this era fall into the category of modern, despite being more than 20 years old. From sci-fi movies to popular TV shows, modern pinball machines have found inspiration from a range of sources. So if you're looking for a unique game based on your media interests, check out our modern pinball selection.

Hyperpin Pinball machines

Pinball from the future is the only way to describe hyperpin pinball machines. With hundreds of games all in the one cabinet, hyperpin pinball is a fantastic way to replay all your old favourites, without having to buy each and every machine. Hyperpin pinball is PC powered and uses large LED screens for the playfield and backbox. You'll never have to buy another pinball machine again!