Amazing THE HOBBIT Limited Edition Pinball.


The Hobbit LE Pinball Machine (LE=Limited Edition) is based on the acclaimed fantasy film trilogy by Peter Jackson and the fictional universe of J.R.R. Tolkien. The Hobbit LE Pinball Machine quickly became a favourite among seasoned players, collectors, and newcomers. It is a wide-body machine designed by Joe Balcer and released by Jersey Jack Pinball. The game features 31 modes, 2 multi balls, as well as an LCD screen in the back glass.

Join Bilbo Baggins on his quest in this action-packed pinball machine.


  • Take on the dragon, Smaug the Terrible, in multi ball and
  • launch the Windlance with player-controlled kickback feature
  • Play dozens of modes representing unprecedented breadth.


  • Smaug sculpture taunts you as you attempt to defeat him in pulse-pounding multi ball action.
  • Battle Warg, Spider, Orc and Goblin pop-up enemies as they emerge from under the playfield.
  • Test your shooting skill against 11 patent-pending, up/down controllable drop targets in 3 separate banks.
  • Shoot intersecting, steel dual ramp entrances for Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins awards.
  • An integrated diverter transforms the ramp into the first ever inclined loop shot.
  • The 3-way left ramp can deliver balls to the flipper in lane, Smaug or the Windlance out lane.
  • The dual-purpose Windlance can function as a kickback ball save or an interactive, player-controlled skill shot.
  • Orbit shots can be redirected into the pop bumpers or dropped into an under-playfield subway, to suddenly reappear at either the Balin or Radagast vertical up-kicker.
  • Also featured are 2 ultra-low friction orbit spinners, a centre Thorin Oakenshield newton/captive ball shot, 9 individual dwarf targets, a Beorn right out lane target, and multiple skill shots from the ball plunger lane.

GENERAL:  5 pinballs + 1 captive ball. Intuitive, easily-understood rules explained and illustrated on the game monitor. “Grows-with-you” ruleset that reveals itself as you learn more about the game. Unprecedented multi-layer risk/reward scoring system.

This pinball is absolutely gorgeous. I cant find a mark on it. Fantastic condition. Plays so well. In the showroom now. This will be a future classic.

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