Stern RUSH Limited Edition Pinball. HD Video Topper. Less Than 60 plays. Basically Out The Box.


Stern have already SOLD OUT of this pinball. Only 1000 have been made. So this is your opportunity to buy a RUSH LE. Less than a 60 plays. Unmarked. Gorgeous. Video topper is cool. Playing film of the band. You can add/amend as you like.

As its the limited edition you get all the toys on it.

Amazing full spectrum of colour on this pinball. State of the art technology. Different light shows with different songs. It’s proper cool.

Being the LE. It comes with mirror black glass, anti reflective glass, signed by the designer, authentication signed by Gary Stern, number plaque, shaker motor, upgraded speaker system, powder coated metal work. Am sure I have missed something. Basically the full works!!!!!!

A pleasure to sell this fantastic pinball.

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