Brand New Marvellous VENOM Limited Edition Pinball. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!


Brand Spanking New VENOM Pinball. Just gorgeous. These Limited Edition pinballs now from Stern are really a work of art. BRILLIANT!

Venom LE Pinball Edition Features:

  • Production limited to 1,000 machines
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by Seth Davis, President & CEO of Stern Pinball
  • Individually Autographed by Game Designer Brian Eddy
  • Sequentially numbered Limited Edition plate
  • The Limited Edition features a “Venom vs Carnage” inspired mirrored back glass with hand-drawn artwork by Zombie Yeti
  • Exclusive full colour reflective foil high definition decal cabinet with hand-drawn artwork by Zombie Yeti
  • Exclusive inside art blades with hand-drawn artwork by Zombie Yeti
  • Upgraded speaker system with 3-channel amplifier
  • Anti-reflection playfield glass
  • Shaker motor installed
  • Custom dark blue high gloss sparkle “Venom Goo” powder-coated and clear-coated pinball armour, legs, hinges and Action Bar
    front molding.
  • Choose your host, change the playfield – Shots on the game physically change depending on which character you choose to bond
    to Venom
  • Carnage Captive ball latching mechanism that allows players to send Carnage back to Ravencroft
  • Custom 3D Carnage Sculpture
  • Physical Bell Tower with real bell and stand-up target
  • 4 Infected stand-up targets with unique features including Doppelganger attacks
  • Orbit lanes up/down posts can divert pinballs into top lanes or into the Sneaky Hideout
  • Sneaky Hideout drop that leads to the right ball lock containment vessel
  • Mystery and Features billboard with 8 lights above the Daily Bugle scoop
  • Custom 3D Doppelganger Sculpture
  • Surprise Attack Doppelganger mechanism that swings into action revealing 3 uplift targets for the player to hit to defeat him
  • 4 Ramps (Left, Centre, 180 Loop, Right)
  • Up/down post in front of Life Foundation shot to capture and hold the ball
  • Agro Lab shot that changes between 4 different pathways (U-Turn, U-Turn to stop and hold, Drop down to right lockup, Up Ramp that loops to left flipper)
  • Life Foundation shot that changes between 3 different pathways (180 loop, Stop and hold, U-Turn)
  • Featuring music from GRAMMY Award-winning musician Mark Tremonti

****** IN SHOWROOM NOW ******

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