When it comes to arcade machines, we are the experts, here at Williams Amusements. Whether its pinball or a classic like Space Invaders, we have something for everyone. And just like the different arcade games available, there are also different types of arcade machine cabinet. These are each designed for specific functionalities and different purposes.

Upright cabinets

One of the most common types of arcade machine cabinet is the upright cabinet. This is the typical arcade machine you will have seen. This vertical cabinet has a horizontal shelf, that leads out from the beneath the indented screen. On this shelf are the joystick and control buttons.
The faces of this type of arcade machine leave a lot of room for advertising an concept art based on the game, which is great for grabbing attention in a crowded arcade. However, if you want something specific, we can create something bespoke, here at Williams Amusements.

Cocktail or table cabinets

These are less common than the upright machine, and were designed mainly for use in bars and pubs, where players can sit down to play, and drinks can be placed on the side. The cocktail cabinet is designed as a low rectangular table, with the controls set at either side of the broad ends, and the monitor built into the centre of the table. The players can sit at either side of the screen, and it will rotate to face each player at the right time.

Cockpit games

Used mainly for racing or driving games, cockpit arcade machines offer something different. With an immersive experience, that uses a range of different features, the cockpit machine is incredibly popular. However, it does take up more room than any other machine.

Why not take a look at the types of arcade machine cabinet we have in store, here at Williams Amusements?