When it comes to arcade machines, we really know our stuff, here at Williams Amusements. From custom built bespoke machines, to hiring out our machinery for temporary use, we cover all arcade machine angles. This includes MAME machines. But what are MAME machines, and why are they so popular? Well, this is our guide to the benefits of buying a MAME machine.

What is MAME?

The first question to look at, is what exactly MAME actually means. Well, it actually stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.
As the most famous and well known emulator in the world, the MAME arcade machines can play any and all of your favourite arcade games, without needing the original hardware or software to run. Instead, it uses the computer system, known as the host, and allows it to behave like another one, known as the guest. As a result, you can play classic, older arcade games, that were built for long out of date systems. And the gameplay will be flawless, as it is using new, up to date technology to emulate the older game.

Benefits of buying a MAME machine

As one of the most common emulators on the market, MAME arcade machines are incredibly popular. But what are the benefits of buying a MAME machine? Well, some of them include:

  • free and downloadable source code with regular updates produced monthly. This means that any MAME arcade machine you purchase from us, here at Williams Amusements, will be fitted with the latest, up to date, updates.
  • Widely supported by the vast majority, if not all, CPU’s which means it is compatible with multiple emulated CPU cores
  • Instead of buying an arcade machine that is stuck playing the same game repeatedly, you can run around 8000 games from one MAME arcade machine. This means you can have access to all your favourite games, without having to open your own arcade to store the 8000 different machines!
  • MAME is an industry leader, and incredibly high quality, so you know you aren’t getting a cheaper version riddled with bugs that may well break your system

If you think a MAME arcade machine might be just what you need, take a look at our range here at Williams Amusements.