Here at Williams Amusements, we love arcade games. From classic pinball machines, to timeless games like Space Invaders and Frogger, we collect and restore them all. One of our all time favourites, has to be Donkey Kong. With incredibly fun and challenging game play, it’s no wonder this game kick-started one of the largest gaming conglomerates. This is our buyers guide to Donkey Kong.

The Plot

Donkey Kong is an arcade classic with a simple plot. Mario’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by his pet gorilla, who is holding her at the top of a construction site. Mario has to reach the top by progressing through a series of boards, each with various objects and enemies to avoid, before knocking the gorilla down, and rescuing his girlfriend.

This was the first arcade game to use narrative and character to create a compelling game, and it is also credited as being the first plat former.

The game-play

With 4 different boards to move through, Donkey Kong is not as straight forward as it might appear. With a simple jump-dash-run formula that we are familiar with in modern day plat-formers, this game presents a challenge every time it is played.

On the first board, you must choose the right ladders, and have the right timing to get to the top unscathed. You will be pursued by a fiery enemy, and you of course need to avoid the barrels being thrown at you. In addition, there is also the option of using the hammer to score more points, but your timing has to be spot on.

On the following boards, the gameplay is much the same, but with faster barrels, more enemies and more strategy.

For a classic piece of arcade history, that offers a fresh challenge each time, take a look at our Donkey Kong machine today, here at Williams Amusements.