While Donkey Kong has got to be one of the most impressive arcade classics of all time, Donkey Kong Jr. is equally as fun and challenging. Here at Williams Amusements, we arcade game lovers. From pinball to racing games, to classic arcade games, we love them all. And Donkey Kong Jr is one of our favourites. As a result, we have produced this buyers Guide to Donkey Kong Jr.

The plot

Taking place directly after the events of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. flips the tables on the user. In Donkey Kong Jr. Mario has captured Donkey Kong, and as punishment for stealing his girlfriend, has locked him in a cage. As a result, Donkey Kong Jr. is aiming to rescue his father and escape from Mario. Mario on the other hand, is trying to stop Donkey Kong Jr, by throwing all kinds of enemies and obstacles in his way.

The gameplay

Following on from the success of Donkey Kong as an arcade platformer, Donkey Kong Jr. maintains this game design.
There are a total of four stages throughout the game, with each stage being uniquely themed and presenting different challenges. The user can move left and right, and jump and grab chains, vines and ropes to climb higher up the screen. Although you can climb up faster by holding two vines, you might be more at risk from enemies, so as usual, timing is everything. You can also slide down faster by holding just one vine.
To complete the first three stages, you have to reach the key that is at the top of the screen, next to Donkey Kong’s cage. In the final stage, you need to put six keys into locks on the top platform to free Donkey Kong.


There are different enemies on different stages of Donkey Kong Jr and these include:
  • Snapjaws- a bear trap with eyes
  • Nitpickers- birdlike and might drop eggs on you
  • Sparks- travel through the wiring on one stage

Touching any of these enemies will make you lose a life, as will falling too far, running out of time, or being hit by an obstacle.

For a fun and challenging game that will keep you playing, check out our Donkey Kong Jr game today, here at Williams Amusements.