From cockpit games with the full replica seat, steering wheel and pedals, to upright machines with an attached wheel, racing arcade games are incredibly popular. And this popularity has spread to modern games consoles, with the PS4 and the Xbox One still making a hefty profit on racing games. But here at Williams Amusements, we think you just cant beat the nostalgia and excitement of racing arcade games.

The background

Since the days of Sega’s Pole Position and Turbo, racing arcade games have been incredibly popular. Although the machines did take up a lot of space in arcades around the world, they were always worth the investment. The environmental/cockpit cabinet, complete with seat, wheel, pedals and gear-stick was a tantalizing option for people looking to compete in arcades.

But it wasn’t just cars that were turned into racing games. Motorbikes and snowmobiles were also incredibly popular. And these involved the same whole body action that is required in the real world, leading to an even more immersive gaming experience.

In addition, racing arcade games didn’t just stick to our planet. In fact, sci-fi based spaceship racing games were also in high demand.

The Game-play

Most driving games, even those set in outer space, or played on the most recent consoles, follow a similar game-play concept:

  • you often start off with a qualifying lap to get your position on the grid
  • you will then race the track, completing a set number of laps with the aim of finishing first, competing against either the computer, or other, real life players
  • in some games, you can even use weapons and boosts to give yourself an advantage, and even customize your ride for increased chances of success.

If you are a fan of arcade driving games, why not check out our range here at Williams Amusements?