Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, arcade machines can suit any play style. The most immersive style is the arcade machine cockpit. This is an arcade machine, like a driving or space machine that the player actually steps into. With speakers, a seat, a screen and controls in different locations, an arcade machine cockpit is a fantastic gaming experience. Here at Williams Amusements, we are arcade machine experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to arcade machine cockpits.

Space games

Space games were perfect for cockpit style games, especially when the aim was to fly through space, shooting at enemies and avoiding being hit. From Atari’s Star Wars Cockpit, to Sega’s Space Harrier, space games were incredibly popular in the 80’s and there was no better way to experience space fighting than inside an arcade machine cockpit. With 360 degree sounds, players would be fully immersed and involved, and some machines were built more like small roller coaster rides with hydraulic seat action that moved the player in coordination with the action on the screen.

Driving games

Although space games were popular, it was the driving games that remained so. From Pole Position to Hang On, car racing and motorbike cockpit games really excelled in the cockpit market. Car racing games used a system involving a real steering wheel and pedals as well as gear stick to fully allow players to feel like part of the game itself. Motorbike games took this further, with a real motorbike on which to sit, moving from left to right to move the image on the screen. In fact, most of the cockpit developments in racing games can still be seen in action today, some 20 years later!

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