Here at Williams Amusements, we are arcade machine enthusiasts. We love to play and restore the full range of arcade machines. From cabinets and cockpit arcade machines, to the master of all: pinball. In fact, pinball games are probably our favourite machines to work on and sell. But our SEGA Star Ship Troopers Pinball machine didn’t need all that much work at all. In fact, it’s an original and in fantastic condition. So this is our buyers guide to SEGA Star Ship Troopers Pinball.


In the 90’s, we witnessed a huge resurgence in the mighty pinball. From sci-fi movies to popular TV shows, modern pinball machines took popular culture and combined it with pinball to produce some one of a kind games that really stand out. SEGA Star Ship Troopers Pinball is one such machine.

Released in 1997, by SEGA, the Star Ship Troopers machine was a big hit. Based on the movie of the same name, the pinball machine gave players the chance to really get involved with their favourite film.


In SEGA Star Ship Troopers Pinball, the player is a member of the mobile infantry. The aim is to free 6 bug-infested planets and capture the Brain Bug. There are four different species of bug that must be fought. These are Warriors, Plasma Bugs, Hoppers and Tankers.

With tri-flipper action, multi-ball features, incredibly fast gameplay, and up to 6 players at a times, this is an exciting and captivating pinball machine. The play-field also contains a moving Warrior Bug and a Brain Bug pop-up.

Audio and artwork

Our SEGA Star Ship Troopers Pinball machine has the original audio, so you can hear the snippets from the film while playing.

For any sci-fi fan, the artwork and presentation on this machine alone is sure to be appreciated.

Why not take a look at our SEGA Star Ship Troopers Pinball machine today, here at Williams Amusements?