Retro is cool. That is a given. From the expected return of Crash Bandicoot to the new retro Nokia 3310, our old nerdy favourites have become the latest “must-haves”. The same can be said for arcade gaming, with newer quiz machines being replaced by new retro games instead. But why are these so popular? Here at Williams Amusements we are arcade game experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to new retro arcade gaming.


However hard you try, nothing can beat nostalgia. Remember playing your favourite games as a teen? No doubt these memories are filled with fun and laughter, and those games encapsulate that feeling. What new retro arcade games do so well is recreate the aesthetic appeal of these machines and take you back to the good old days. For example, our new retro Frogger arcade machine is fitted with one joystick and designed for two people to take turns and compete against each other. Perfectly recreating the joy and competitiveness of arcade games past.


When it comes to gameplay, we all remember how challenging the classic games were to beat. Nothing like the walk through, follow instruction games we have for PS4 and Xbox One. The new retro arcade games keep this high quality, challenging game play and have simply updated the system to make sure it is in full working order.

In addition, the new retro arcade machines we have to offer, in most cases have a vast range of games installed. For example, our new retro Space Invaders comes with 60 games installed. As a result, you can enjoy a whole host of retro 80’s arcade games, in just one machine. That’s an improvement we can all enjoy, and makes it a great way to introduce younger gamers to the genre.

In summary

New retro arcade gaming is the perfect way to relive classic gaming moments from the past, or introduce them to a new, younger audience. We hope our guide to new retro arcade gaming has been helpful. Here at Williams Amusements we stock a vast range of new retro arcade game machines. Take a look today.