Team building is not an aspect of company working that everyone enjoys. In fact, many people try and avoid team building exercises because of the cheesy rhetoric and unrealistic expectations. But what if team building was hidden within an entertaining and distracting package? Here at Williams Amusements we aren’t simply experts when it comes to arcade machines, we also know how to use them to bring people together. As a result, we have produced this guide to hiring an arcade machine for your team building.

When it comes to choosing the perfect arcade game for your team building exercise, it helps to think about the purpose. Are you looking to help a new team gel with communication and team work? Or perhaps you just want to treat and reward your staff with a bit of down time. Whatever your purpose, we have you covered.

Communication and team work arcade games

Splitting your colleagues into teams and pitting them against each other can improve their communication skills by bringing out their competitive spirit. If you have a new workforce and want to help them get to know each other, team challenges are a great way to do this.
With arcade games that require skill and reflexes, your team members wont be able to resist helping each other out and egging each other on, while enjoying themselves.

In addition, with games that can keep score, and with teams competing against each other for the coveted top spot, your employees are guaranteed to pull together.

Enjoyment and engagement

While outdoor pursuits or a staff meal might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can almost guarantee that an arcade games challenge would draw in even the most reluctant of employees.

If your team have hit their targets and you want to keep morale high, we can provide a whole assortment of arcade games that will engage and reward your staff for their continued success.

Setting up

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about setting up your machines or collecting them. We will deliver, set up and return to collect them as part of our service. This means you can get on with what is really important.

If you would like more information about hiring an arcade machine for your team building, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Williams Amusements.