When it comes to workplace productivity, every company needs their employees to be at the top of their game. Whether its the local coffee shop, or a multi million pound office based company, we all realise the importance of a productive employee. But did you know that actually providing a little bit of fun in the workplace can aid this productivity? Here at Williams Amusements, we are arcade gaming experts, and this is our guide to arcade games in the workplace.

Employment shift

As our jobs have become a lot more office based, with a move away from manufacturing and warehousing, adding some fun into the workplace has become a real game changer. With Google thinking of ever more inventive ways to add some zazzle to the workplace, you’ll now rarely find an office space without an area for relaxation. But adding an arcade game to this area is a fantastic way to improve employee morale and productivity.

Advantages of installing an arcade machine

arcade games in the workplace

There are many advantages to installing an arcade games machine in the workplace. These include:

Team building and communication-
If you’re a business where it is essential for different departments to gel with one another, consider installing an arcade machine. It will soon get people talking and networking, building those important working relationships.
When it comes to promotions and career progression, your employees will often be competing with one another. Help them get used to this friendly competition through high scores on a shared arcade machine. In fact, you’ll find that the unsuccessful candidate might even take the news better.
In a high stress job it can easy for some of your employees to become bogged down in the workload. Encourage regular breaks to help their mental well-being. Throw an arcade game into the mix and you can guarantee they will soon be smiling again.

In summary

Arcade games in the workplace can be a wonderful investment. From building your team and helping them work together, to promoting the competitive attitude that company life requires, an arcade machine can provide a range of benefits. If you want to discuss rental or hire, or you wish to purchase an arcade machine, contact us at Williams Amusements today.