Here at Williams Amusements, we are passionate about all arcade games. But one of our favourites has got to be the Track & Field Machine. An absolute classic from the eighties, this game remains hugely popular. But what’s so special about it? Well, this is our buyers guide to the Track & Field arcade game.

The background

Released by Konami for arcades in 1983, the Track & Field arcade game is an Olympic themed sports arcade game. Another version was released in 1984, called Hyper Olympic, with the Japanese version sporting a licence for the 1984 Olympics.

Players control an athlete competing in six different Olympic events, and a particular score must be achieved, in order to advance. Up to four players can play together, but if there are less than four players, the CPU will fill the remaining slots.

The game-play

Players compete in 6 different sports. These are:

⦁ 100 Meter Dash – Press alternating buttons as quickly as possible to beat the qualifying time and move onto the next sport.
⦁ Long jump – Run in the same way as the sprint, but this time you also need to time your jump. Hold the jump button to set your angle.
⦁ Javelin throw – Run and throw the javelin using the action button. You need to time it perfectly for the right angle.
⦁ 110 Meter Hurdles – Run and use the action button to time the jumps over the hurdles.
⦁ Hammer throw – Spin and throw by pressing the run button once, and correctly timing an action button to choose the angle of the throw.
⦁ High jump – Run and jump, only this time, once you are in the air, the running button can be pressed again to give you additional height.

In each sport you must beat the qualifying requirements to advance. If you fail to do so you will lose a life. But, you can earn another one for every 100,000 points scored.

This is a game the whole family can enjoy, and can be played repeatedly without getting old. Our Track & Field themed machine is equipped with hundreds of classic games, so you can enjoy a whole host of retro games. Take a look today, here at Williams Amusements.