We all know that board games are long gone. Especially once your little ones get past a certain age. So why not consider something that will definitely bring the whole family together? An arcade machine can be the perfect way to spend time with the kids, while having fun yourself. After all, I think everyone would agree that monopoly is no match for space invaders! Here at Williams Amusements, we certainly think so anyway. We are arcade machine experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to arcade machines in the family home.


As soon as people consider buying an arcade machine for their home, some reservations do start to appear. These often include:

  • The way the machine will look- surely something so large and bulky is not going to look nice in my living room? Well, here at Williams Amusements, we offer a range of custom built solutions, using a range of materials and colour options to make sure that your new cabinet is exactly the match you need.
  • The amount of space it will take up- after all, an arcade machine is not as inconspicuous as the PlayStation 4. That’s a good point, but our MAME systems play 1000’s of games on just the one machine. And with our styling ranges, your new arcade machine wont just fit in, it will become a stylish feature.

Advantages of a family arcade machine

Now that your reservations are dealt with, let’s consider the range of advantages that a family arcade machine will bring:

  • more communication- your whole household will be tempted to join in the fun with a new arcade machine. However old your children are, the arcade machine will still be a really cool fixture. And this means you’ll be seeing more of each other, leading to better household communication.
  • more fun- If board games are dead, what else do you do for family fun? Watch a movie, or argue over the telly? That’s a very passive activity. Instead, why not compete against each other, or pair into teams to compete on your arcade machine. With 1000s of games to choose from, no family night will be the same. As this is so much more fun, you wont even have to force family members to join in.

For more information or advice about family friendly MAME systems, get in touch with the experts today, here at Williams Amusements.