From Space Invaders, to Pinball, here at Williams Amusements we are arcade machine experts. We not only source and sell vintage machines, but we repair and custom build them too. The Defender Replica Arcade Machine is a great example of our skills. With a custom made design and true to style control and sound system, the Defender Replica is a fantastic arcade machine. This is our buyers guide to the defender replica arcade machine.

The background

Defender was released in 1981 and was one of the most important titles in the Golden Age of Video Arcade Games. It wasn’t the first side -scrolling game, it did create the genre of horizontal scrolling shooters.

Selling over 55,000 units, Defender became the biggest selling game for Williams Electronics.

The Game-play

Labelled as one of the most difficult arcade games, Defender certainly provided a challenge for players.

Set on an unnamed planet, Defender is a two-dimensional side-scrolling shooting game. The player is in control of a space ship, moving across the terrain, and you can fly either to the left or to the right using the joystick to control the elevation, and the five buttons to determine the horizontal direction. The aim of the game is to destroy the aliens, and protect the astronauts on the landscape from being abducted. If the humans are abducted, they return as mutants and attack the ship. You can shoot the mutants and aliens using the five buttons.

If the player is able to take out all the aliens, you can progress to the next level. But if you dont protect the astronauts, the planet will explode and becoming populated with waves of mutants. Survive that, and the planet will restore.

Players are given three ships to progress through the game and can earn more by achieving certain scores. A ship is lost if it is hit by an enemy, or an enemy projectile, or if a hyperspace jump goes wrong (as they randomly do). Once you have ran out of ships, the game ends.

Our Defender Replica Machine

Here at Williams Amusements our Defender Replica arcade game is made to look like the original. However, you can play 1000’s of other retro games on the system, as well as Defender. Why not take a look today?