The second game in the huge street fighter series, Street Fighter 2 is widely recognised as the best fighting game of all time. In fact, sales of Street Fighter 2 go some way towards proving that opinion. By 1995 revenue from both Street Fighter 2 arcade machines and home games topped $2.3 billion, which is equivalent to more than $4 billion in 2017! But what exactly was all the fuss about? Well, here at Williams Amusements, we live for arcade gaming. This is our buyers guide to Street Fighter 2.

Street Fighter 2: The background

⦁ Street fighter 2 was released as an arcade game in 1991, as a sequel to the 1987 original Street Fighter.
⦁ It allows multi-player combat between two players
⦁ It was ported to the SNES where it sold over 6 million units, and was only replaced as Capcom’s best selling consumer game software in 2013 by Resident Evil 5
⦁ adjusted for inflation, Street Fighter 2 is one of the highest grossing video games of all time!

The game-play

Street fighter 2 wasn’t just a carbon copy of the original. The team at Capcom had worked hard on game development and altered gameplay to include:

⦁ command based special moves
⦁ combo systems
⦁ six button configuration
⦁ competive play with two players
⦁ mulitple playable characters with a unique fighting style

Now all of this is what we have come to expect from a fighting game, but Street Fighter 2 was the first to create it. This paved the way for the fighting games we play today, and was solely responsible for the revolution of fighting games in the 90’s.

The game-play for Street Fighter 2 is pretty straightforward. It’s a one on one combat game in close quarters, fought over a series of best of three. It can be played as a one player game, against the computer, or as a 2 player game, fighting another player.

In single player mode there are a number of bonus rounds, but we dont want to give away all the secrets. So you’ll just have to find those for yourself.

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