Pinball is one of our favorite arcade machines here at Williams Amusements. From loving restoration work, to actually playing pinball, we love everything about it. And we know that you will too. That’s why pinball ha been making such a comeback. As a result, we have produced this guide to the pinball resurgence.

The resurgence

In the late 70’s to the early 90’s pinball was hugely popular. In fact, you could play pinball everywhere, from bars and restaurants, to corner shops and bowling alleys. They made operators a lot of money, which is why you could find pinball machines just about anywhere. But they did require a fair amount of maintenance because of the moving parts. They also took up a lot of room.

These disadvantages led to the decline of pinball, as operators preferred to purchase new arcade video games instead. With a lot less maintenance, and the fact they took up a lot less room, these new video games seemed perfect. Places could also make a lot more money, because of timed play.

Consequently, there was for a time, a decline a number of pinball manufacturers. However, this has been steadily changing. The pinball market has seen a huge resurgence over recent years, mainly from nostalgic collectors purchasing pinball machines for the home.

New pinball machines

Based on your favourite TV show or movie, new pinball machines (90’s onwards) have a huge range of features and designs to suit any interest. With multiple balls and multiplayer, new pinball machines look and play incredible.

Classic and vintage pinball machines

Despite all the benefits of a new machine, its the classic and vintage pinball machines that are seeing the most interest. The games that resemble those from childhood are really drawing the eye of collectors and boosting pinball sales.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect pinball machine, look no further. Here at Williams Amusements, we have something to suit every budget and every style. Take a look today.