Here at Williams Amusements, we are arcade game experts. From repairing old machines, to building custom built, bespoke arcade machines, we are committed to this industry. We also hire out our machinery for a variety of reasons. From birthdays to weddings, from public to private events, we have a range of arcade game machines for hire. One of the most common reasons for private hire is for employee days and employee team building.

Employee days and employee team building

These scheduled corporate days can be a nightmare for some people. From small talk to the awkwardness of networking, the aim of these events is to bring your work team together, but it doesnt always have this effect. In fact, it can be an alienating experience for some people.
Hiring arcade machines can be a fantastic way to help your employees break the ice, get talking and most importantly, working together.

The advantages of arcade game hire for employee days

There are a number of advantages of arcade game hire for employee days. These include:


From ten pin bowling, to adventure pursuits, employee days, and employee team building days usually involve a lot of expenses. From expenses to actually booking the events, your company could be paying out for something that may not be effective. Why not use the facilities you have to provide a range of arcade game machines for your employees to relax with less pressure.


Pitting your employees against each other to rack up high scores on a variety of arcade machines is a great way to get people talking. In fact, not only will your employees be communicating, they will be helping each to success. This is great fro building a team community feeling and promoting those team work skills.


No matter how shy or reserved some of your employees are, arcade game machines can offer something for everyone. While a staff meal or outdoor pursuits may suit some personalities more than others, arcade machine hire is a good way to offer something to suit all personalities.

For more information or advice regarding arcade game hire for employee days, get in touch with the experts today here at Williams Amusements.