Arcade games are our area of expertise here at Williams Amusements. From custom built bespoke machines, to hiring out our machinery for temporary use, we cover all arcade machine angles. One of our most popular arcade machine options are the MAME machines. But what is a MAME? And what makes it such a good choice for arcade machines? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of MAME arcade machines.

advantages of MAME arcade machines

What is MAME?

First of all, let’s take a look at what MAME actually stands for: Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. This is probably the best known emulator in the world. But what does an emulator do?

In order to play your favourite arcade games, without the original hardware and software, you will need to run an emulator. An emulator takes your computer system, the host, and allows it behave like another one, the guest. In the case of arcade games, emulators allow your system to run the software designed for the older, out of date systems, and behave the same way as the original software would, playing the arcade game flawlessly.

So, out of all the emulators, why choose MAME?

MAME is one of the most common emulators used. But it certainly isnt the only viable emulator on the market. However, there are several advantages of MAME arcade machines. These include:

  • All of the necessary source code is free and downloadable with regular updates produced monthly. This means that any MAME arcade machine you purchase from us, here at Williams Amusements, will be fitted with the latest, up to date, updates.
  • Widely supported by most, if not all, CPU’s and is compatible with multiple emulated CPU cores
  • You can run around 8000 games from one machine, so you can have access to all of your favourite arcade games without having to have multiple machines taking up space
  • MAME is industry quality, so you know you aren’t getting a cheaper version riddled with bugs that may well break your system

If you think a MAME arcade machine might be just what you need, take a look at our range here at Williams Amusements.