Here at Williams Amusements, arcade games are our passion. And although retro arcade games might make up most of our collection, there are still some modern classics that are simply awesome. Primeval hunt is one such game. And we are proud to announce that we have a newly work-shopped version, that can handle all the latest coin types. As a result,w e have produced this guide to¬†Primeval Hunt: “Hunt or be hunted”.

The background

This arcade machine was released in 2008, with the tag line “hunt or be hunted”. It’s a high adrenaline shooting game, produced by SEGA, and has been incredibly popular. Using specially developed technology, this game has two screens, one which is touch screen and features all the main content, and one which is a map screen, This means that both the screens are capable of playing different images, at different times and different resolutions.

The game is also multiplayer with two people able to play at the same time.

The gameplay

This dinosaur hunting game features 12 levels packed with great graphics of Aztec style ruins. The player must hunt a set number and type of dinosaur within a particular time frame and with only a limited amount of ammunition. However, while you hunt these dinosaurs, you might disturb others that will also attack you. This means you need to waste ammo on these obstacle dinosaurs.

With more than 10 species of dinosaur and 3 bonus levels, there is plenty of content for a challenging and enjoyable gaming experience.

The game uses two light guns, similar to pump-action shotguns, and you can choose between three different weapon types in the game. These include a bow, a shotgun and a rifle. While a bow makes no noise, the guns and bullets do, and this can attract more dinosaurs. At the same time, the guns do more damage. In addition, each player is given a rocket launcher, with one rocket for each level.

For a unique and enjoyable gaming experience suitable for both children and adults, take a look at our Primeval Hunt game today, here at Williams Amusements.