Pinball will always be one of the most popular arcade games. Appealing to both young and old alike, nobody can resist the lure of pinball. But what is hyperpin pinball? How does it compare to real pinball and what are the differences? Here at Williams Amusements, we are arcade machine experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to answer the frequently asked question: what is hyperpin pinball?

what is hyperpin pinball

What is hyperpin pinball?

Hyperpin pinball blends real pinball game-play and controls, with a virtual playing screen. This screen mirrors the original “board” used in the standard game version to maintain authenticity. However, instead of real obstacles and, of course, a real pinball, everything you see is a virtual creation.
The huge advantage of hyperpin pinball is that multiple pinball games can be loaded onto one machine, so you can play hundreds of games for the price, and size, of one.

How does hyperpin pinball compare to the real deal?

When comparing original pinball to hyperpin pinball, there are a couple of factors to consider:

Visuals- The creators of hyperpin pinball machines stick closely to the visual appearance of the original pinball machine. This includes the different levels that can be activated, and the secrets that can be found. As a result, there is very little difference visually between original pinball and hyperpin pinball.

Lights and sound- Built into the cabinet, the lights and sounds of pinball were one of the key components to its arcade success. Hyperpin pinball machines follow closely to the standard pinball versions they are replicating to provide the same lights and sounds, at the same times. As a result, hyperpin pinball can provide an authentic game-play experience.

Physics- Although pinball is a lot of fun, it also demonstrates a number of physics principles. These include the conservation of energy, energy transfer, and of course, the law of the lever. Hyperpin Pinball has a harder time representing the physics of the game, but some machines have the physics truly figured out. This is one area where hyperpin pinball machines in general, could make improvements.

In summary

Hyperpin pinball machines take the original gameplay from real pinball and create a virtual version. With the same gameplay, the same visuals, and the same lights and sounds, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. But instead of one game for your money, hyperpin pinball can provide you with hundreds. Why not take a look at our hyperpin pinball machine, here at Williams Amusements?