Arcade games can be a fantastic addition to any workplace. Boosting communication, team building and productivity, an arcade machine can make sure your employees are gelling well together. Fun and enjoyment can increase work rates and team building. Here at Williams Amusements, arcade game machines are our passion. This is our guide to the advantages of arcade games in the workplace.

The advantages of arcade games in the workplace

There are a huge range of benefits when it comes to installing an arcade games machine in the workplace. These include:

Team building and communication-

Arcade games can help to relieve tension and get your employees talking to one another. Having a bit of fun in the office and around the workplace is a good way to increase team building and communication. If you work in an office, adding in an arcade games machine can be a way to add this fun and enjoyment to your employees working day. People will soon be networking and chatting over the arcade machine, developing the inter-departmental relationships.


A bit of healthy competition can help to keep your employees working to the best of their ability. While they will need to compete for promotions and job opportunities, your employees may not feel comfortable. An arcade game machine is a good way to incorporate some friendly competition into your workplace.


Work can be tough and stressful. This stress has a knock on negative impact on your employees physical and mental health and can influence the efficiency of your entire company. Adding fun activities and encouraging your employees to take breaks can relieve this tension and stress, and an arcade game machine is the perfect way to add a distraction.

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