Unbelievable Condition Original Atari Tempest Cabaret.

Just occasionally you come across an arcade that is just unreal. I would love to know the full history of this arcade. It was built in Ireland where Atari had a factory in Tipperay in the 1980s. The technology inside was shipped from California to Ireland. A kitchen manufacture made the shells. It looks as if it was shipped to Europe looking at the coin slots and eventually made it to our shores. The control panel looks brand new, which makes me feel it was never put in an arcade or was and broke down and left in a warehouse for decades. Today it is full working with original game board been refurbed, capped etc. Monitor is superb. This is a “time warp” piece. I have never and will never see another one like this. Total one off. I dread to think what this will be worth in 10 years time! Better than money in the bank that’s for sure!!!!!!!! Absolute gorgeous arcade.

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