stage 1 so here we have a very tatty  defender which has seen better days  the side art has been starched to death and also names carved into the wood not what you would like in your games room so there was only one thing to do….full on makeover so thats what we did!!!


stage 2 We sanded all the bad paint down untill we got down to the factory wood cabinet


stage 3 we then coated the cabinet in wood primer grey  followed by a coat of black all over


stage 4 we cut a stencil (that was the hard bit) for the red coat


stage 5 we then applied the red paint all over the cut out stencil 


stage 6 all the red looks good so we then did the same with  the yellow and do the same on the other side of the cabinet



stage 7 and 8 All done now it looks fab and is ready for delivery to the costumer