I thought it might be interesting if I took some pics of stuff we have here at Williams Amusements. Stuff that is literally off the van, arcades buried for a rainy day to look at, machines being refurbed and some bits ready waiting to be shipped out.


We make a great selection of table top here. We do the iconic style Space Invader table and also the American style. Also a lot of our time is taken up fixing your table tops. Especially Taito Space Invaders tables. They might be over 40 years old but are so cool. We can also refurbish your table. We have a great supply of the metal legs that always rust and cash boxes that have been drilled out or lost. The legs come powder coated silver or black.

Jukeboxes is another line we sell. From modern digital ones to 1950s silver age classics. Always have a dozen or so in stock so please give us a call 01977 310466.



Below some more retro stuff and where Williams Amusements heart really is. We are old now. The 1980s was when we were thin, smoked and drank heavily, no kids, wife or mortgage. Bunking off school to go to the arcade. Drinking cider on park benches and trying to look cool!!!! These pics are a selection of before, during and after we have done our great refurb jobs on them. We are passionate about these arcades. We do not just box shift stuff and never want to hear from you again. We want you coming back time and time again. In trading, getting repairs or simply call in and say hello and play the arcades in the showroom.

Please feel free to email if we can help williamsamusements@hotmail.com or call at 01977 310466.