Raw Thrills Super Bikes.

We have refurbed one of the Addams Family pinball. This one is still in the workshop. Should be up and running next week.

This pinball Gottlieb Dragon gets the vote as the dirtiest pinball this year. Needed a jetwash really! No idea if it works yet. Checking everything first!

The Ironman pinball from Stern has come up great. Leds fitted, new rubbers, playfield cleaned and waxed. Artwork improved and its ready for the showroom at Williams Amusements!

With all the pubs, clubs, cinema and bowling alleys etc opening again this week it has been hectic. Lots of couriers in and people collecting arcades and pinball. Quite a few table tops destined for café and barbers shipped this week.

So here we have some pics and stories from Williams Amusements. An old but classic twin Manx TT turned up. No idea if it works yet but looks complete. Has had a hard life but we will be able to refurb it.

Had a twin Raw Thrills Super Bikes that needed a flat screen conversion and bikes needed some work on them. It’s funny what some people call working and what we call working!!!!!!

And finally a Dragons Lair totally original arcade. Will pull this out next week. Its all working. Just needs a clean down and is gorgeous.