The Brilliant Bally CORVETTE Pinball

Corvette Pinball Machine is a 1994 machine manufactured by Bally.   Collecting 9 cars is the object of the game. Cruise the Crossed Flags Dragway in a head-to-head challenge race between a 1963 Grand Sport and a 1994 ZR1. Pop the ball into the LT5 engine and keep it rocking inside for a higher jackpot total. Analog instrumentation readouts are just one of many dot-matrix animation elements loaded into Corvette Pinball Machine.

From the Original 1994 Flyer:

For over 40 years Chevrolet’s Corvette has delivered more of what drivers like best – speed, performance and excitement. Bally’s Corvette Pinball Machine follows that same over-the-top tradition. There’s plenty in this powerhouse to catch the eye of Corvette fans and pinball diehards alike. They’ll whiz through adrag strip course, compete on 13 international race tracks, collect ten famous Corvette models, and meet six alluring female models driving Corvettes of their own – all to a sizzling DCS Sound  System music track. This narrow-body game is loaded with special equipment. In addition to the two-car drag strip and “Christmas tree” starting lights, reproduction ‘Vette sidepipes and dot matrix instrumentation, players can load the ball into a replica LT5 engine that idles, revs and shakes under their control for souped-up jackpot totals.

Get ready for Corvette Pinball Machine. “With this dream machine, there’s no limit to the fun.”

                                   “A pinball worthy of the name CORVETTE”


OBJECT: Complete World’s Greatest Collection of Corvettes and discover a future Corvette.

MULTIBALL:  Shoot left outer loop to lite LT-5 Lock. Shoot Engine Ramp to lock balls and rev. 

REV MODE:  Use flippers to rev engine. 

JACKPOT:  Shoot inner loop and Skid Pad Ramp during Engine multiball to collect Torque and Horsepower Jackpots.

CORVETTE CHALLENGE: Complete blue shots to lite Start Challenge. Shoot Start Challenge to begin challenge race. Shoot all shots to advance players blue Corvette and beat machine’s red car. Win challenges to collect cars. 

ROUTE 66: Shoot right ramp to enable modes and collect cars.

SPARK PLUGS:  Shoot lit arrows to collect spark plugs. Spark Plug Award for every 8 spark plugs collected. Awards are Points, Extra Ball, or Lite Race Today.


Corvette Pinball Machine features 3 flippers with 3 ramps. Along the right side of the playfield is a raised drag strip. Qualify through the right inlane. Hit the pinballs into the car engine shaker motor to release multiball play. Earn Spark Plug awards.


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