This is a special version of our best selling mame cabinet arcade system we only made 1 of these …. so be quick
Fully refurbished 2 player upright arcade system by Williams Amusements Ltd
These systems are built using only the highest quality components.
They feature Happ joysticks, buttons, and ELO touch screen monitors
It comes with a custom built front end so you are able to play all of your arcade favourites.
The front end can be used for Karaoke, and a Jukebox.
The machine is plug and play and has the front end fully loaded All you have to do is load your . (MP3’s, music, or other software)
And you can also pick the theme of your machine, As we have our own in house printing studio
(old school arcade artwork, Space Invaders , Street Fighter etc, favorite sports team, or even design your own)
 (Above touch screen jukebox screen)
*Custom built control panel with the theme of your choice
*New Happ joysticks and 6 buttons per player
*Fully working jukebox touch screen operated just like the ones in the pubs
*Removable front door piece for easy access to your pc system
*HP Pentium 4 computer
* Mala front end
*Choice of any side art or go with set themes we have already made (see pictures)
*Runs any mame software
* Fitted with mini I pac
* All machines are fully built
* 25″ wide will fit through a standard door
*Integrated front end for Mame / console gaming, as well as jukebox, and karaoke.